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Dance Faculty

Bobby is a freelance choreographer, DJ & student of life born and raised in New Jersey. Having background in many styles such as: ballet, jazz, hip hop, house, voguing, modern, contemporary; one thing that is a main source of passion across all those different genres is his love for music.

Sound has the ability to create different realms in the imagination. For him, music is usually the source of where movement stems from. Growing up being a part of both concert, and commercial dance worlds; one of Bobby's missions as a choreographer is to curate spaces for those that live in between both of those worlds.

As a dance educator, his passion is to develop the next generation of artists by introducing deeper connections with movement, sounds and storytelling. Throughout his training, summers were spent at: Complexions, Ballet Hispaníco (Choreographer's Lab) & performing at Jacob's Pillow, while also being on scholarship at commercial dance conventions (Monsters of Hip Hop, Intrigue, ASH).

Bobby has trained under choreographers such as: Dana Foglia, Desmond Richardson, Erica Sobol, Jon Ole Olstad, and many others amongst the concert, commercial and underground street worlds. Another mission as a choreographer is to create safe spaces for young artists to explore & express themselves as organically and authentically as possible.

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