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Our Classes At Eastside Dance Project

At Eastside Dance Project, we believe in the transformative power of dance. Our classes are designed to inspire creativity, build confidence, and foster a love for movement in dancers of all ages and skill levels. Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps or an experienced dancer looking to refine your technique, we have a class for you.


This class focuses on teaching proper classical technique and vocabulary. Helping young dancers to understand and build physical strength, alignment, grace and confidence. Creating a strong foundation for all other dance forms.


Pointe work is an extension of ballet class that requires highly developed strength and classical technique in order to be safe for the body. It is available for intermediate to advanced dancers, offered by invitation only! *Please note dancers are required to take a minimum of two ballet technique classes a week in order to be eligible for pointe class.


This class is also an extension of ballet technique with specific exercises to help dancers build strength in their core, legs, and feet in preparation to go en pointe, for advanced-beginner to intermediate dancers. *Please note dancers participation in this class does not guarantee they will go en pointe. Regardless of whether or not they get pointe shoes this class will only help them further their strength and understanding of ballet. 
Pointe work is something to be taken seriously and must be carefully monitored in order to be safe for the body. 


Is an athletically challenging, highly physical class that also allows room for self expression and creativity. Contemporary dance blends technique from various genres including- modern, ballet, lyrical, and jazz dance.


Is a fun, energetic, highly stylized class that touches on classical- theatrical dance combos as well as current trendy dance steps. This class will help build strength and body confidence in your child in a lively atmosphere.

Hip Hop

This class focuses on a wide range of street dance styles utilizing hip hop, and pop music. The movements are rhythmic, vibrant, and athletic. This will help build strength and body confidence through a fun, energetic class!


This class is characterized by the sound of the metal “taps” on the dancer's shoes hitting the floor. Sessions will focus on developing students rhythm, clarity of sound and musicality while challenging them both mentally and physically through learning intricate combinations.


Lyrical dance is a combination of Ballet and Jazz dance that often uses music with lyrics to inspire the movements of the dancer. Choreographers use the lyrics from the song to inspire the dance and the result is a style that focuses on strong emotion as well as a more individual approach than some dance styles. Dancers will develop strength through learning combinations that utilize floorwork, jumps, turns, and leaps, as well as having an opportunity to express themselves emotionally.Dancers will develop strength through learning combinations that utilize floorwork, jumps, turns and leaps as well as having an opportunity to express themselves emotionally.


This class will explore various concepts of traditional modern dance developed by its founders such as Graham, Horton, and Limon. Focused on building strong technique as well as improvisational skills through floorwork, exercises and choreography. 
*Please note this class is for intermediate-advanced dancers.


The goal of acro class is to teach students strong, precise acrobatic elements, in a safe, positive,  confidence building atmosphere. This class will utilize strengthening exercises, and skill drills, as well as partnering work.

Eastside Dance Project Dance Company

A popular activity here at Eastside, dancers are selected by a yearly audition. Members compete in a small carefully curated group of competitions as well as community based performances, workshops, and master classes in various dance genres.
Note: Being a company member is an honor, an opportunity to  represent the best of Eastside Dance and should be treated as such.

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