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Our Company

The EDP Competitive Company stands as a premier pre-professional program tailored for dedicated dancers ranging from 2nd to 12th grades during the 2024-2025 dance season. Our program is designed to elevate dancers' skills, honing their technique, performance prowess, and artistic expression to a heightened level.

By participating in our company, dancers undergo intensive training that not only refines their technical abilities but also nurtures their stage presence and artistry. This comprehensive approach equips them with the education and experience essential for pursuing dance at higher education levels or embarking on a professional career.

Please consider the level of commitment and financial responsibility that comes with being part of the EDP Conservatory Competitive Program. Not all dancers who audition will make a team. Admittance is based on technical ability, performance, artistry and overall cohesiveness with dancers of a similar age and ability.

Eastside Dance Project Competitive Company

2024-2025 Auditions – Mandatory Three Step Process

1.  In order for a dancer to be consider the Company, dancers MUST attend Eastside Dance Project for at ONE year.


2. Fill out and submit the online audition form.


3. Attend an audition at Eastside Dance Project's studio

Group Picture from Youth America Grand Prix.png


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