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Dora Lyn Mustillo

Dora Lyn Mustillo

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Dora Lyn Mustillo

Dance Faculty: Acro/Lyrical

Dora Lyn Mustillo is a 21 year old dancer and dance educator from New Jersey. Dora has been training in dance since the age of two. She competed in dance from ages 4-17. Over the years, Dora has trained in many different styles of dance. However, she specializes in the acrobatics art form as she has worked with many acrobatics and gymnastics professionals.

Dora has trained in hand balancing with handstand coach, Virgile Peyramaure from the Big Apple Circus and Cirque du Soleil. She has also trained in tumbling while working with multiple gymnastics coaches from Middlesex Gymnastics Academy.

After finishing her years as a competitive dancer, Dora has continued to pursue dance as well as her education at Middlesex College. In 2022, she graduated from Middlesex College with an Associates Degree in Education and is currently an alumni of the Middlesex College Dance Ensemble. Dora is now attending Montclair State University as an English major to receive both her bachelors and master’s degrees.

She is also enrolled in the Montclair’s Teaching Program so that she can pursue a career as a school teacher in addition to being a dancer and dance educator. Currently, Dora is apart of the Transcendence Dance Collective.

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